James Allen Sales Tax

Looking to buy a diamond for a special occasion? Diamonds are a wonderful gift that symbolizes love and many people add these gem stones to pieces of jewelry like wedding bands, engagement rings and more to make their occasion special. But diamonds are notoriously expensive to acquire. Even a very small sized diamond can cost in thousands of dollars. But that’s not it, diamonds are also subject to sales tax which means you could be seeing hundreds of dollars added to the total amount of the diamond.

Does James Allen Charge Sales Tax?

Sales Tax

The science is simple, the bigger the diamond, the more expensive it is and the more expensive it is, the more the sales tax applies. Unfortunately, any diamond or jewelry retail in the U.S which has a physical store in any of the states is required by law to collect sales tax on any kind of jewelry sold. For you this means acquiring a diamond is harder than ever before.

But did you know that you could still buy a diamond without paying sales tax? As hard as it is to believe, diamond jewelry retailers that do not have a physical store are not required by law to collect taxes unless they have a physical store or office in the state they are operating. Then they have to collect tax if their order is being shipped to the same state with their office or store.

But what if a diamond retailer who operates from the internet does not have a physical location in your state? Its simple, you do not have to pay the sales tax. Speaking of this, James Allen comes to mind. James Allen is the largest diamond retailer on the internet that has three offices in Maryland, New York and Connecticut. For you this means that if you buy a diamond and get it shipped to anywhere in the U.S except for these three states, you do not have to pay the sales tax.

But if you are based in a state where James Allen has offices, then you will be required to pay sales tax. The exact amount of James Allen Sales Tax is not mentioned when you are buying a diamond because sales tax can be different from state to state. You can use the sales tax calculator provided on James Allen website to see how much sales tax you will have to pay on your order.

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