Why Buy From James Allen Diamonds?

When it comes to buying a diamond ring on the internet, James Allen is a name you can’t overlook. The company was founded in 2006 and since then has created a solid reputation for itself. These days, the company is considered a leader in the online diamond retailer industry.

So what exactly makes James Allen the best online diamond retailer in the world? Why should you buy your next diamond ring from this retailer? Is their craftsmanship really that good?

In this review of the brand and their diamond rings, I will try to answer all of these questions. First I’ll show you what makes James Allen the best and then I’ll review the diamond ring I bought from the retailer for the purpose of this review.

Why James Allen?

Buying a diamond ring is actually very tricky, especially if you are buying the traditional way. When you visit a brick and mortar store to buy a diamond ring, you are presented with a very limited selection of diamonds and you must make a purchase decision without actually fully understanding the nature of diamonds and diamond rings.

Retail store salesmen do a very bad job at explaining how diamonds works, that is why a lot of people end up with a mediocre diamond ring, something that they later regret buying. As opposed to this traditional method, James Allen offers you a large collection of diamonds, probably the largest you’ll see anywhere else.

But what makes James Allen stand out is that they use unique Diamond Display Technology which lets you view the diamonds up close with complete transparency. The brand also provides a lot of educational material to help you understand how each diamond cut, shape, and color of the diamond plays an important part in a ring.

With an educated purchase decision, coupled with their amazing diamond display technology, you end up with the best diamond ring. Compared to other online diamond retailers, James Allen also provides –

  • Over 200,000 loose diamonds to pick from
  • Real life videos of products in extremely high definition
  • Competitive pricing for some of the highest quality jewelry
  • A wide selection of customization options and setting designs for rings
  • Exclusive diamond selections seen nowhere else
  • 24/7 customer support through phone, email and live chat
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping anywhere in the U.S
  • Lifetime Warranty and upgrade policies

Review of James Allen Diamond Rings

When I review a diamond product from any retailer, I try my best to enter the shoes of a customer just like you. In other words, I extensively test the service and the product personally based on my personal first-hand experience. For this review, I bought a diamond ring from James Allen which arrived in a beautiful shipping package which not only looks great but also serves an extra purpose.

Diamond In fact, that sentiment was echoed on the esteemed blog, “DiamondCuts” which has had it’s pulse on the industry dating to 2001.   View their review here – diamondcuts.com/james-allen-review.

The package itself is well presented and feels exquisite. In fact, I will go as far as saying that this is the best packaging I have ever seen from any diamond retailer. What’s really good about the box you get is that it doubles up as a keepsake for the jewelry you bought. You can also store other things once you have removed the cardboard insert of the box.

The diamond ring itself is carried in a cherry wood box which is just like icing on the cake.

If that isn’t enough, James Allen also sends you an AGS proprietary light performance diamond quality report. This is worth looking at if you are a seasoned diamond purchaser. Next up, you also get an appraisal document provided by the company. This is an important piece of document especially if you are looking for financial help in buying diamond rings from the retailer.

The package also contains warranty cards, rewards, and quality assurance cards.

The Ring Itself

Now moving ahead from the packaging, let me say a few things about the ring I bought. This will be entirely based on the workmanship of the brand.

As a seasoned buyer of diamond rings, I have set certain standards which I believe are very important for checking the overall quality of the diamond product. But here’s the thing, if a certain ring is truly of high quality and the bench jeweler is very careful about the finer details, the ring will always translate into a great looking piece of diamond jewelry. It is as simple as that.

Upon close inspection of the diamond ring, I was able to determine the following.

  • The close-up view of the ring showed four prongs that revealed splendid finishing by James Allen
  • Prongs of the ring were neatly placed and were also equally spaced for a very pleasing face-up overlook
  • The side of the ring showed prongs uniformly made that secured the diamond properly
  • Care and effort can easily be seen on the surface of the ring which is well polished and is hidden from the naked eye

As someone who is buying a diamond ring for the first time, know that good craftsmanship can easily enhance the overall appearance and enjoyment of the ring. It also enhances the durability and lifespan of the ring. And if it is not made properly, the opposite can be applied.

Having reviewed the ring personally, I can easily say that the workmanship of James Allen diamond ring outshines most other retailers I have bought a ring from previously. I am happy to say that the shanks of the ring are streamlined and well made too. The pave settings easily give away signs of sloppy finish thus this is very important to take into consideration.


James Allen is truly one of the best online diamond retailers. They focus on providing customers with enough tools and education to help them make the best purchase possible. This is a win-win scenario for both the company and the customer.

Because the brand also offers 30-days full money back guarantee, there’s actually zero risk in buying a diamond ring from them. With that, I hope that this review will help you make an educated purchase decision which will go a long way.


James Allen Sales Tax

Looking to buy a diamond for a special occasion? Diamonds are a wonderful gift that symbolizes love and many people add these gem stones to pieces of jewelry like wedding bands, engagement rings and more to make their occasion special. But diamonds are notoriously expensive to acquire. Even a very small sized diamond can cost in thousands of dollars. But that’s not it, diamonds are also subject to sales tax which means you could be seeing hundreds of dollars added to the total amount of the diamond.

Does James Allen Charge Sales Tax?

Sales Tax

The science is simple, the bigger the diamond, the more expensive it is and the more expensive it is, the more the sales tax applies. Unfortunately, any diamond or jewelry retail in the U.S which has a physical store in any of the states is required by law to collect sales tax on any kind of jewelry sold. For you this means acquiring a diamond is harder than ever before.

But did you know that you could still buy a diamond without paying sales tax? As hard as it is to believe, diamond jewelry retailers that do not have a physical store are not required by law to collect taxes unless they have a physical store or office in the state they are operating. Then they have to collect tax if their order is being shipped to the same state with their office or store.

But what if a diamond retailer who operates from the internet does not have a physical location in your state? Its simple, you do not have to pay the sales tax. Speaking of this, James Allen comes to mind. James Allen is the largest diamond retailer on the internet that has three offices in Maryland, New York and Connecticut. For you this means that if you buy a diamond and get it shipped to anywhere in the U.S except for these three states, you do not have to pay the sales tax.

But if you are based in a state where James Allen has offices, then you will be required to pay sales tax. The exact amount of James Allen Sales Tax is not mentioned when you are buying a diamond because sales tax can be different from state to state. You can use the sales tax calculator provided on James Allen website to see how much sales tax you will have to pay on your order.

James Allen True Hearts

Are you planning to invest in a diamond? A diamond is well worth all the money spent on it because these precious stones hold a lot of meaning in our life. We give diamonds to loved ones on special occasions to make them feel special. And as any romantic says, diamonds are a pure symbol of love.

So if you have set your eyes on a diamond, you need to know the basics behind a diamond. Believe it or not diamonds are not all similar. In fact there are hundreds and hundreds of designs, shapes and styles of diamonds available to purchase from different diamond retailers. The difference in design and style means that diamonds may not always be suitable for the wearer because of different finger sizes and shapes. And sometimes the shapes and styles also depend on the size of the diamond.

Since diamonds can come in all kinds of different sizes ranging from tiny to very big, diamond cutters use this size to create different styles. The bigger the diamond is, the more freedom the cutter has when it comes to making a shape.

When not sure about which shape or style would best suit your partner needs, you should play it safe and buy a true heart diamond. True heart diamonds are cut in a specific way that they are universally beautiful. In simple words, it means that you will not have to worry about the size and shape of the finger because true heart diamonds look wonderful regardless.

You should also consider the fact of buying the true heart diamond from a reputable retailer or brand. We highly recommend trying out James Allen which is the number one diamond jewelry brand in the United States for many reasons. They have thousands of different shapes and diamonds available to buy but James Allen True Heart line of diamonds are their signature line.

True Heart diamonds are better when bought from James Allen because it is their signature line which in simple words mean that James Allen put in a lot of effort and care in making sure their true hearts are the best when compared to others.

Another reason why James Allen is recommended because they have an in house financing options that can really help you buy big and expensive diamonds at a very minimal cost. The financing options are also very easy to qualify for.